The Problem
Defining the problem proved challenging as we originally thought we should encourage the most engaged users to become more engaged by creating a more celebratory experience. We knew the current experience was lackluster and we wanted to improve the native app interface. I started by documenting the current feature and testing some improvements to the information architecture using wireframes.
User Testing
Through testing and analysis of customer feedback, it became apparent that users were more confused by the loyalty program itself, not the user interface. Lower tier customers didn't know how it worked or how to earn points. They expressed general frustration. This was captured in customer feedback, enough to define a primary theme. Users directly commented on this and are quoted below.
Solution: Pivot
Working across numerous teams of stakeholders, including product management, marketing, brand, and legal, we made a significant pivot and focused our efforts on improving program comprehension while advocating for fundamental changes to the mechanism of how customers earned rewards.
Outcomes: TBD
One major outcome was a decision to minimize the points meter itself on the interface. We decided it was more important to explicitly instruct users on how to earn points, including a visual diagram, until fundamental program changes could be made. We also emphasized actions and opportunities for engagement, when available.
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