How might we encourage visitors to donate to a designated charity after visiting the Visa Experience at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio 2016?
Provide an interactive experience for users to learn about the charity and donate to it simultaneously.
Bespoke Prototype
A one-of-a-kind, custom-built touch-screen table was designed to play a 3-minute looping video showcasing the designated charity, Complexo da Maré.  Attached to the table was a near-field communication (NFC) device that registered an online donation. A user triggered the donation flow by tapping their NFC payment ring on the device. A unique challenge to this project was how to indicate to the user that they could 1) make a donation at the table and 2) how to initiate the transaction.
User Flow
The screens below show the user flow through the donation transaction.
1. A persistent coach mark was overlaid on top of the video instructing users where to tap. If users tapped incorrectly, the coach mark animated to grab their attention.
2. An activity indicator appeared after the transaction commenced.
3. A user's profile and account balance displayed. To simplify the experience, pre-defined donation amounts were proposed, including the option for all of the user's balance. Since this was a tightly controlled experience, concerns of user privacy were not an issue.
User Flow—Continued
4. A confirmation screen allowed the user to verify their donation.
5. A success screen indicated that the transaction was completed.
6. If an error occurred, the user was asked to restart the donation, simplifying the experience, since attendants were available for users to ask for help.
Animated Prototype
The video below shows the interaction design.
The following images show the construction and use of the table, with a user flow chart at the end.
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