SoundScore—See What You Hear

SoundScore is a responsive and interactive website using infographics with real-time data from noise-pollution sensors to help renters determine the noise level of a neighborhood.

The home screen of the responsive website shows a map with real-time sensor data based on the user's location.
Scrolling down reveals a series of charts indicating the sound level of a specified location by day of the week and time of day.
Noise level by time of day.
Infographic explaining the SoundScore scale with decibel levels.
We created a custom base map using MapBox and tested colors against the map.
After testing colors, we created a simple identity with a custom logo of a howling wolf and a color palette to use with the decibel scale.
For the Data Canvas code-a-thon challenge, I joined a team focused on collecting sound data from noise-pollution sensors and translating that into an interactive tool that prospective renters could use to identify the noise levels of neighborhoods. The data could also help landlords install noise-dampening building features for tenants. We launched SoundScore as the deliverable for the challenge, the final design of which differs from these mockups. I provided the user interface and visual design.
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